We offer almost all of our Class 10 clean room products in irradiated/ sterile versions. The irradiation process does not affect the physicality or general aesthetic of our products. It is suitable for biochemical, lab testing, research, and pharmaceutical environments where sterile versions of consumable products are required.

Each one of our sterile version products comes with full certification of irradiation and lot trace-ability.  This process meets and often exceeds ISO 13485, 11137 and 11135 standards, SLA requirements and strict QA and QC ISO compliant processes.




We often receive calls from our customers in regards to special needs items. We are obligated to take on these projects and collectively find solutions for our customers. These may include temperature sensitive labels, autoclavable products, clean room printer head covers and often items that must be irradiated for sterile environments. We are a company that applauds ourselves on finding solutions to your most intricate sterile and clean room consumable needs. Please call us with any inquiries or questions.